Conference on Writing

The next Conference will take place in the fall of 2023. More information to come soon.

Past Conferences

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 November 8-9, 2019

The Art of Writing/The Writing of Art

The 2018 SUNY Council on Writing (CoW) Conference was held on October 19th and 20th, 2018 on the Farmingdale State College campus in Farmingdale, NY.  The theme of the conference is Why Writing Matters: Articulating the Value of Writing to Students, Administrators, and Faculty from Across the Disciplines. 

The 2017 SUNY Council on Writing Conference was held on September 8th and 9th, 2017 on the campus of Onondaga Community College in Syracuse, NY. The theme of this conference was Defining Success in College Composition: Rethinking Writers, Writing, and Pedagogy. 

2016 SUNY Council on Writing Annual Conference

March 4-5, 2016

The University at Albany hosted this year’s SUNY Council on Writing conference. For the 2016  conference we asked writers, writing instructors at all levels, tutors, and researchers to consider the role of affordability in our practices. We welcome perspectives, strategies, and questions for approaching and understanding the role of “affordability” pluralistically—as both what is within one’s financial means and what writing can afford (as in what it allows us to be able to do or manage). In the tradition of SUNY CoW conferences, we are interested in how these ideas apply to historical, contemporary, and projected-future practices of instruction.

Theme:  “Transitions: The Changing Landscape of Higher Education.” Keynotes:  Cheryl Ball, Tony Scott.

Theme: “Building Cultures of Writing for Tomorrow.” Keynote: Richard Miller.

Theme: “Sustainability and Writing.” Keynote: Amy Kimme Hea.

Theme: “Building 21st Century Writing Programs:  Literacy and Leadership in the New Millenium.” Keynotes:  Lynne Bloom, Kurt Spellmeyer.

Theme: “Teaching Writing for Social Justice.” Keynote:  Nancy Welch.

Theme: “Writing Program Identities.” Keynote: Elizabeth Wardle.

Theme: “Inevitable Intersection:  Writing at the Crossroads of Public and Private Discourse in the 21st Century.” Keynote:  Sondra Perl.

Theme: “Writing in an Age of Assessment.” Keynote:  Peter Elbow.

Theme: “Words of One’s Own:  Plagiarism, Citation, Textual Ownership, and Academic Integrity.” Keynote: Rebecca Moore Howard.

Theme: “Writing Across and Beyond Institutional Borders.” Keynote:  Eileen Schell.

Keynotes:  Kathleen Blake Yancey and Doug Hesse.

Theme: “Energizing Teaching, Writing, and the Teaching of Writing.”

Keynote: Pat Belanoff.

Theme: “Teaching Toward the 21st Century: Where are We Going?  Where Have We Been?” Keynote: Kathryn Gottschalk.

Theme: “Exploring Complexities.” Keynote: Chris Anson.

Theme: “Creating a Community of Writing.” Keynote: Cynthia Selfe.

Theme: “The Right to Literacy.” Keynote: James Slevin.

Theme: “Issues in the Teaching of Writing”; keynote speaker:  Alan C. Purves; 22 articles in the published Conference Proceedings